What We've Been Up To

We have some exciting news! Recently we continued work on a project that we had started a while ago. That project is now titled Over My Dead Pixel, and it will be released on Steam very soon! Feel free to...

Catch Up

Over the past year, a lot has happened. We have each started delving further into our career paths, and focused more on finishing our studies at school. During this time, some of us developed a new game called Turbolance, which...

Minosh Digital Overview

A brief overview of some of our projects we’ve worked on, plus a sneak peek at one of our newer projects.

Stay Tuned

More details on our next project shall be announced shortly.

Brickworks Released!

We have released Brickworks for free at Itch.io! See below for the overview video and download link. Brickworks is our Virtual Reality experiment in maniupulating blocks with grips, physics, and lasers. Download for free at Itch.io: https://minoshdigital.itch.io/brickworks